Church Fundraisers

The sun is bright, sprinkled over blue sky as scattered sounds of your kids laughter drift through the soft breeze in the background. You sit at your desk, your mind concentrating on the church fundraiser situation at hand.

For decades, your church has stood as comforting arms for the sick, warm and safe shelter for the destitute and a place of healing for broken hearts. Now, the roof of the building is in desperate need of repair and the funds are no-where in sight.

You want desperately to help pay for the repairs it needs, but your money can only go so far. Your mind spirals with the basic cost and time of organizing a church fundraiser, and in all honesty you aren't even sure where to begin.

Should there be food involved? Where will the tables come from... will it rain? Will you need to rent a tent? After all that, you're asking yourself "And what are we even going to sell?"

You breathe out a heavy sigh; it feels like a nightmare. As your hand stressfully reaches out to grab that next spoon full of cookie chunk, brownie drizzle dream fudge paradise ice cream, your eyes light up at your laptops screen in front of you. "Hip Chix Online Fundraiser?"

With curious excitement you lightly click your mouse, entering a fundraiser's haven... a dream come true.

Gorgeous, sparkling jewelry floods your sight, mixed with mind-blowing ease and convenience. ALL orders are taken online AND SHIPPED. "Oh my goodness..." you whisper as you read on. Between 40% to 50% profit of sales goes straight to us, just for getting word out?

Quickly your eyes scan over the soft, pink lit pages, then sweep upwards, meeting your husband's curiously tilted eyebrows with your smile. "Babe... I think I know how to set up that church fundraiser we were talking about." You say with excitement bubbling up in your voice.

He smiles back, walking your way and giving you a sweet, soft kiss. "Mhmm..." He answers, wrapping his arms around you and looking down at the answer to your church fundraiser woes.
"Indeed!" You answer, looking up at him with a little smile dancing care freely on your face.

You gently tap the image of one of the beautiful necklaces on the screen. "Want to help save the church building AND fulfill your wife's endless cravings for jewelry?"

Two weeks later, your church launches a unique fundraising idea, all online, all with ease... Once again, you saved the day!

Your own church fundraising success is just a tiny little click away... Blue skies ahead and super gorgeous jewelry too!