Sorority Fundraising Ideas

College... it's fresh, it's new, it's exciting and you are feeling so alive! Icing on the cake, you have just joined your very first sorority and spirits are high!

Oh, but wait... things cost money... events cost money... those matching t-shirts you were all going to buy... well, they cost money too!

"Dog gone it!" You mutter under your voice as you shove another steamy fork full of 20 cent microwave noodles into your mouth.

You can't ask mom and dad... AGAIN, and your roomie, well, she's broke too after buying that last Abstract Artist Guide To Graphic Design book, her latest semester obsession. Grrr. Life is so unfair, man.

You turn to your computer, Googling your sorority fundraising woes away and stumble onto this unique fundraising site called

"Hee hee" You giggle as your eyes light up over shimmering pieces of jewelry laden about. "So if we can just tell people to buy this trendy jewelry, they take care of all of the orders AND ship it???"

With great zeal, you close your laptop and run full speed ahead to the meeting place of your proud and true sorority sisters. Not even Paul Revere could have held a candle to your swiftness and speed in declaring your new found declarations!

With arms waving in abstract visual arm animations, you breathe in and show the girls the freaking amazing sorority fundraisers site you have discovered at

No more exhausting sorority fundraisers involving car washes! No more of Natalie's burnt cookies! No, now you enter the sorority fundraisers world armed with items you know better than anyone... JEWELRY... and you know you will leave with 40% to 50% of profits stuffed safely in your pockets of sorority dreams!

Sure enough, just weeks later you have made your dreams come true. With pride, you walk into that school cafeteria proudly adorned in your matching sisterhood t's.

You are unstoppable, proudly living your sorority victory thanks to the uncommonly cool fundraising website of!