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Finding a unique fundraising idea doesn't come easy. The five pounds from the last cookie dough drive probably left enough evidence in itself to prove that one. In fact, it seems that within the wonderful world of fundraising, the goal line is really to inflate you with sugar, or fill your home with other unusually expensive, unnecessary things. The day trash bags and scratch off cards came to my door, I had to just sigh.

Quite frankly, the same old fundraisers were driving me crazy. Despite my love for my nieces, every time they would ask me to support their cheerleading fundraiser it was like pulling another tooth and handing it over. You see, the products that I was to buy were never of interest or even use to me. Why would I want to pay for something I didn't want only to see my nieces fundraiser only receive a portions worth of the proceeds? Certainly there had to be a better way!

So one day, back in 2001 while at a women's event, I was standing next to a jewelry booth overflowing with sparkling, colorful, shiny gorgeousness. This glitzy booth was also surrounded by women having a fantastic time buying jewelry.

You could say an epiphany of sorts shot through my mind, and suddenly all was clear. I knew then that a merger had to occur. There, watching women laugh and talk with enjoyment while handing over their crisp bills, it was in that sparkly jewelry moment that Hip Chix Fundraisers was born...

Let's look at the facts: Fact 1- Did you know that women influence a staggering 85% of all purchasing decisions? Fact 2 - Did you know that 91% of women say advertisers do not understand them? Fact 3 - As a woman, I know the two things most women love the most is helping others and enjoying beautiful jewelry. It became clear that by simply merging the two "loves" together, it was the perfect answer to the fundraising woes of womankind (and mankind alike).

We know you work hard for your women's group, sorority, church group, or sports team, and are the first to volunteer and the last to leave and somehow always get wrangled into leading the charge for the next fundraising event. We know because we have been there. What if this time you get to report back with a simple fundraising idea that everyone will really gush over!

Wouldn't that be refreshing?

Whether you are raising funds for a cheerleading competition, a church mission trip or a breast cancer walk, we can help you put together an uncommonly cool fundraiser.

The awesome truth of it is, the best fundraising ideas are the ones where the people doing the selling love what they are selling. We love jewelry and think your friends and family will too, so let us help you take your heart felt ambitions to new levels.

We are hipchixfundraisers.com, and we truly are the uncommonly cool fundraiser!

Proof is in the smiles (no teeth pulling necessary) delivered daily to everyone involved...

Danielle Molder
hip chix fundraisers